Principles of Occupational Safety & Health (POSH) January 14-17, 2020

Our Certificate in Principles of Safety and Health provides you with solid knowledge of safety practices and terminology. You'll get the confidence you need to implement a comprehensive safety process in your organization.

  • Get a balanced perspective of the full scope of occupational safety and health issues.
  • Organize and communicate an effective safety program.
  • Learn techniques to identify and target hazards specific to your organization, and take actions to prevent incidents and related costs.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How OSHA affects your organization.
  • Uses and benefits of record keeping to prevent injuries and illness and meet OSHA requirements.
  • The reason behind safety inspections and how to effectively plan and conduct them.
  • The who, what, when, where, and how of incident investigations.
  • The impact of industrial hygiene and HazCom standards on your safety plan.
  • Components of the communication process and how to improve the effectiveness of safety messages.
  • How to section and reduce:
    • Anticipate recognize, evaluate and control hazards, and determine an acceptable level of risk.
    • Create an effective safety team and facilitate productive safety meetings.
    • Define ergonomics, assess ergonomic risk factors, and recommend corrective actions.
    • Determine when personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used and ways to increase employee acceptance of PPE.
    • Develop an emergency action plan.
    • Use a safety orientation program to improve employee performance and reduce incidents and costs.
    • Implement various employee involvement techniques.

Here's what's new:

In just four days, you'll get the best of POSH, plus five all-new modules:

  • Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control
  • Employee Involvement
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Teams and Committees
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • We've reviewed and updated the whole program, with more emphasis on best practices for implementing and managing a safety management system.
  • Resource CD now included with more than 75 valuable reference documents, including: Self Inspection Checklist, Job Safety Analysis Form, Causal Factors Checklist, and a variety of OSHA tools and fact sheets.

Course fee includes over $350 worth of reference materials, including Accident Prevention Manual (13th Ed.), Administration & Programs CD; Accident Prevention Manual (13th Ed.), Engineering & Technology CD; Injury Facts CD-ROM; and Resource CD. 


Jan 14 2020

Principles of Occupational Safety & Health (POSH) January 14-17, 2020